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Tortuga és Pohánka
¡We bring traditional flavours to Budapest!

☻All our breads are made with 100% Sourdough Starter and using only local, organic products of the best quality without additives.

☺Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan products are available.

☻ All ingredients are seasonal – All of our ingredients come straight from our garden or from a trusted source to ensure freshness.

☺All products are made in a traditional style according to custom.
☻From our oven to you - We want everyone to feel at home.  All products are made fresh every morning and afternoon in plain sight.

♥ Main ingredients: Care, Patience and Love ♥


Karen began as a teacher with a love for baking.  In every country she has lived, she apprenticed with bakers learning the traditional manner of baking and hand-shaping sourdough breads including sweet breads found in her home country Mexico, Latin America, France, Hungary, and others.  She fell in love with Hungary and settled in Budapest to open the Artisan Bakery Tortuga és Pohánka and share her love for breads with You!

sourdough bread budapest

Salesclerk / Cookie Chef

Zsofi is a contemporary dancer with a wonderful personality who bakes in her free time.  She has previously worked with different coffee shops and artisan ice cream shops.  She now is our friendly salesclerk greeting people as they enter and helping them buy the goods they need.  She has mastered the art of cookies; assembling most of the cookies we sell in the store.


Jonah is a mathematician from France.  Although his background is mainly in math he gained the interest of sourdough bread baking while working in a bakery of his hometown.  He now moved to Hungary to further his knowledge in baking with sourdough, breads and puff pastry as well.